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Friday, October 07, 2005

Habemus Blogum!

Welcome! It's been sort of an adventure, and taken a lot more trouble than we anticipated, this blog is finally up and running. For those of you who stumbled across it (with a different url) when it was still being put together, this sometime not-a-blog is now an is-a-blog.

So, that being said, I'll start the introductions. I was introduced to [Catholic] blog reading by my girlfriend, who you can see on this site as its second contributer. Eventually, I was reading enough Catholic blogs that it was actually a source of daily reflection and spiritual thought. I'm in the position of attempting to deepen (for that matter, simply live) my faith in an environment that is, frankly, rather hostile to it. The blogosphere provides a wealth of opportunities for reflection and education at one's fingertips. So, I had worked all these bits of electronically-transmitted Catholic culture into my routine, and felt it to be a beneficial addition. So, I thought, if reading these is a good source of nourishment, writing one must be more so. Thus, we decided to write a blog. We'll talk about lots of things -- politics, school, books, society, news -- but really our focus will be the Church, and our endeavor to look at all these things through the lense of the Church. This, I know, makes all those people out in blogdom wonder, "Hmmm, what sort of folks are these, and what will reading them be like?" I will let my fellow writer introduce herself, but I'll lay out some general facts about me, most of which are applicable to the blog as a whole.
  1. I am a Catholic.
  2. I am a fairly conservative Catholic. I like Latin (although I am horrible at speaking it), prelates in funny hats, churches that aren't round, statues, rosaries and other popular devotions, the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, incense, Tradition, Crusades, theology and theologians, the Pope, etc.
  3. However, lest the folks over at the Lidless Eye call down all sorts of fire and brimstone upon me, I am not a sede vacantist, nor a rad-trad schismatic; NOR am I some hippy 60s buffet Catholic (nor a hippy 21st century buffet Catholic, for that matter), nor a usurping anticlericalist. I like prelates in funny hats. But if the Pope says "don't wear funny hats," well, goshdarnit, you shouldn't wear funny hats, and I wouldn't support their use. The fact that I like some things that are not widely popular, or not used any more does not mean that I deny the authority of Rome to make rules completely irrespective of my opinion.

I hope this serves as a good introduction to what you can expect to find here. I tend to agree with the folks on my blogroll -- the Jester, AMDG, Holy Whapping. I would hope that at least a few people come to enjoy what we write here at least half as much as I enjoy what they write.

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