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Saturday, January 28, 2006

''Contraception as the Sexual Vomitorium''

It was the Catholic Church's firm stand against contraception and abortion which finally made me decide to become a Catholic . . . As the Romans treated eating as an end in itself, making themselves sick in a vomitorium so as to enable them to return to the table and stuff themselves with more delicacies, so people now end up in a sort of sexual vomitorium. The Church's stand is absolutely correct. It is to its eternal
honour that it opposed contraception, even if the opposition failed. I think, historically, people will say it was a very gallant effort to prevent a moral disaster . . .
--Malcolm Muggeridge, Confessions of a Twentieth-Century Pilgrim, San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1988, 140-141

(From Canterbury Tales (do check out his very good series on the subject), H/t: The Curt Jester)

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Blogger Patrick said...

What a great quote... it's a very apt analogy.

Wonderful blog, too.

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