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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Vive la Denmark!

Most people have seen the pictures, or heard the stories, of the somewhat uncouth goings-on in the middle east in response to some cartoons published by a Danish newspaper. The cartoons, oddly enough, aren't even all that bad -- you can see far more insulting things every week in The Commercial Appeal back home.

So far the Danes seem to have lost an embassy and diplomatic and business ties with several Mohammeden countries, including Iraq (uh, how's that democracy thing working out for ya?). We could talk at some length about Islam being a religion of peace and how rioting and burning stuff isn't "really" what it's all about . . . but that would be bunk, and highly repetitious. Instead, I'm simply going to congratulate the Danes for not playing possum. The Danes are a pretty plucky people. Their military prowess sort of came and went with the Vikings, but they've kept their chin up throughout history. They worked wonders for the Jews and other fugitives (such as escaped POWs and downed pilots) during WWII, and they've resisted some of the EU group-think, keeping their own currency (the Krone) and being wary of jumping whenever Brussels says. Granted, they're mostly Lutherans and they have their problems, but the fact that they haven't run around shutting down newspapers because a bunch of foaming lunatics tell them to speak well of them.

Maybe between the Danes and the lessons of the Paris riots, Europe can Get a Clue about the people who have been trying to kill them for 1300 years.

Oh, and here's a picture of Piglet, to "taunt [them] another time!"

Sts. Olaf and Canute, oro pro nobis!

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