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Thursday, April 20, 2006


I've been digging around in old demographic statistics for a paper, and I found some interesting numbers.

In 1920, there were 15,721,815 Catholics in the United States (out of a total population of almost 42 million). The second-largest religious group was Methodist Episcopal, with just over 3.7 million adherants. (I think the fact that the largest protestant group in the nation was a division of a splinter group that broke from another splinter group tells you something about protestantism.)

We had 14,489 churches worth $374,206,895 ($209,216,745 more than the 2nd rank Episcopaleons). Unfortunately, we also had $68,590159 worth of debt on them, although about 8,000 parishes showed no debt ($51,974,964 more than the 2nd rank Methodist Episcopals). That was in addition to 8,976 rectories worth a total of $61,338,287 ($26,586,730 more than the 2nd rank Methodist Episcopals). Total expenditures for 1920 (with about 1,000 parishes not reporting) were $72,358, 136.

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