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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I found this picture in a Facebook* group called "Catholics for Clerics in Cassocks," and simply had to share. I hope the individual who posted it, whoever he may be, doesn't mind. I think, in many ways, it sums up Catholicism: Tradition, a good time, and (at least after Father wings someone with that ball) a little well-deserved suffering. The caption didn't say where the picture was taken, but judging from the other pictures with it, I think the priests are members of the FSSP or ICRSP, and might be in St. Louis -- there were a lot of pictures of His Excellency, Archbishop Burke.

For those readers who aren't college students, Facebook is something like an online interactive address book on steroids -- you can upload pictures and information to let friends know what you're up to, and there are "groups" people can make and join for . . . well, mainly just for the sake of doing so.



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