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Monday, January 02, 2006

We want trivia!

Who's ever heard of a game (about 10 years old at this point) called Catechic? It was billed as "The Catholic Trivia Game." There were just two problems: it's unspeakably stupid, and only marginally Catholic. The movement and game concept themselves could use work, but the biggest problem is the questions.

These fall into three main categories: 1) legitimate, nifty things that people should know, like "what is the name of the skull cap worn by bishops?" and "Where is the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock" (it's in Ireland). 2) Catholic trivia dealing with squishy junk that nobody cares about -- there are countless questions about "innovative" or "groundbreaking" Jesuit theologians of whom no normal person has ever heard. 3) Questions that have nothing to do with Catholicism, like "what is the sacred river of the Hindu faith" or a question asking you to remember that a certain line about the Bible appears in Porgy and Bess.

You ask, so what? Well, we think there ought to be a real Catholic trivia game, with real Catholic questions. What sort of board you play on or anything like that doesn't really matter, it's the questions that are important.

So we're asking all our readers to please contribute Catholic trivia -- the Church is a treasure trove of interesting, esoteric, little-known, little-known but should be well-known, and downright nifty facts. We know that St. Blog's and St. Blog's writers are a great treasure trove of these. So please, tell us what you know! Leave comments or send email; make a similar bleg on your own site, help us collect Catholic trivia. We all know that St. Peter was the first Pope and what a biretta is -- tell us stuff we can't learn just from reading Holy Whapping every day. We'll put all the submissions in a post and permalink it on the sidebar, so everyone can have access to the resource.

This is sort of a large, open-ended request, but I'm sure everyone out there can think of something weird or different that they know. (And remember that many of the younger of us bloggers, especially those of us who live in regions where the Indult is not popular or where there are not old ethnic Catholic neighborhoods, may be ignorant of some older cultural practices.) Besides, trivia is fun! So, as Br. Joel would say, "ready, go."

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Blogger Der Tommissar said...

The correct answer is, "County Mayo, Republic of Ireland."

You don't want folks from Mayo to come looking for you after all.

1:49 PM  

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