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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crocodile Dundee and the abortion lobby

Those who lurk in the dark corners of world news websites may have noticed a squall brewing in Australia recently. The island-continent commonwealth has lagged a bit behind the US in adopting "enlightened" policies toward women and their "rights." But the servents of hell finally caught up with the Aussies, who are now embroiled in a particularly nasty fight over the proposed legalization of the abortion pill RU486. The health minister is Catholic, and has steadfastly refused to grant approval for the drug's introduction. The rumblings have been going back and forth for some time, but there's now a bill on the floor of the House seeking to force the minister's hand. Large majorities of Australians are opposed to the measure, and the nation's leading prelate, George Cardinal Pell, has come down firmly on the pro-life side (imagine that!). As it is wont, the opposition has digressed into foaming anti-Catholic polemics.

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