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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

''The Central Battle''

"To love without fear of losing---or in spite of fear of losing--that seems to be the central battle of life on this Earth. Don't you think?"


Jennifer at Perfect Work is among the most inspirational--and insightful--people of whom I have ever heard. I know that sounds really gushy, but I can't help it. Her strength of faith and her trust in Our Lord, even in the face of mind-blowing adversity, just plain amaze me.

Jennifer is newly pregnant with her seventh child, having not gotten a chance to meet the first six face-to-face in this life. She wrote the line at the top of this post here, remarking on her decision to love and celebrate the tiny person within her, regardless of whether this pregnancy results in a live birth (further discussions of which decision can be found in the four posts previous to the one linked).

Go and read. (As a matter of fact, you'd do well to work your way through her archives. There's loads of good stuff there, on a variety of topics.) And do pray for Jennifer, Jim, and their baby.

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