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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Book Recommendation

Anyone who has ever wandered into my room knows that I have a thing for books. And while I have more than my share of the kind that you have to read over a series of days and weeks, the short and easy type is good at times too. I recently finished one of these, written by one of the most prolific and insightful lay Catholic authors still alive, Peter Kreeft: Between Heaven and Hell.

Kreeft has an entire series of books like this, short works written in screenplay-type dialogue involving a very limited number of conversants. A good many of them revolve around the adventures of a reanimated Socrates. These include The Unaborted Socrates, Socrates Meets Jesus, Socrates Meets Marx, Socrates Meets Sartre, and Socrates Meets Machiavelli.

All of these can be read in an afternoon (two if you want to take a lot of breaks), are amazingly insightful, and delightfully witty. If you're looking for a lot of apologetic bang for your minute, check these out.



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