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Thursday, March 08, 2007


I've been doing some research for a big paper here recently, and it's led me to dig through law reviews. In general, I've always thought that law reviews were reserved for serious legal scholarship. Not anymore. At least, not if you go to Golden Gate University School of Law, in whose Winter 2007 Law Review appeared an article entitled "The Entitlement of Chimpanzees to the Common Law Writs of Habeus Corpus and De Homine Replegiando," in which the author argues "that individual chimpanzees are entitled to use that common law writ [of Habeus Corpus] to bring their claims to bodily liberty before common law courts."

Now, tell you what -- you find me a chimpanzee that can bring ANY claim, of bodily liberty or otherwise, or do anything that even remotely begins to resemble using the common law, and not only will I eat my hat, I'll agree with this fellow.

Pets aren't people, folks.

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