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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Is That Legal?

I'm not an expert on the GIRM, by any stretch, but this story gives me the willies. I mean, what sort of precedent is there for allowing the introduction of other denominations' beliefs and practices into the liturgy (I'm not talking about "well, the pagans used candles")? My sneaking suspicion is that it is zilch. Imagine the uproar if a Catholic student who was unfortunate enough to go to a Protestant school demanded to be provided the Blessed Sacrament during their prayer services? Furthermore, what sort of message does this send regarding the nature and truth of Protestantism -- last I looked, Anglicans/Episcopalian don't have sacramental authority, so all we're doing here is handing the kid unleavened bread. In which case, it seems that you have a distribution of "ordinary food" at the mass, which IS specifically prohibited by Canon Law and the GIRM.

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Blogger Jeff Miller said...

Definately would not be licit and pastoral situations do not trump canon law.

3:34 PM  

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