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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Please, Sir, may we burn her?

Let's employ some Monty Python logic to discern what it is that the Senate should do with the Miers nomination. I had a teacher in middle school named Miers -- she was a witch. Why was she a witch? Why, she was quite evidently a witch because she was named Miers -- if she had been named something else, she would have been someone else, and would not have been a witch. So, if I have another Miers, she must be -- a witch! And what do you do with witches? Burn them!

While my specific reasoning here may be worthy of slapstick British humor (Ken Mehlman says, "she turned me into a knee jerking, finger pointing, interest group politicking laughing stock! And I still haven't gotten better."), the end result, burning Harriet Miers at the Senatorial stake, is entirely appropriate -- and an act I whole heartedly support. Southern Appeal has the best running (serious) commentary on the matter that I have seen. But really, folks, this is the last straw -- I put up with the stupid education bill, I put up with the stupid spending, I put up with the stupid rationalizations for policies, but this goes so far beyond just stupid that I can't take it. This is the classic case of a politican hanging his supporters out to dry -- having explicitly promised one thing, he proceeds to do another.

It's like something out of one of the English civil wars. We came out with all our men-at-arms and retainers to fight with the president against the forces of living constitutionalism, and when we got to the battlefield, there was nobody there. The president was behind us, burning our crops and sacking our villages, and the liberals were nowhere to be seen. Where is the fight we had been promised? It's back there, against the president who is killing our legal chickens, ransacking the judicial protection for the culture of life, and slaughtering the progeny of Originalist jurisprudence. He who is not with me is against me. About face, show Bush we are not so pliable as that -- and burn the witch!

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