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Saturday, October 08, 2005

No Pithy Title Would Suffice

As Hank Williams, Jr. once sang, it appears to be high time that we "take Miami back." Apparently the diocese has stooped so low that there has been an incident in which a dog was given communion. (Hat tip: recto ratio) I get really peeved when Protestants receive the Blessed Sacrament (a big problem at my high school -- we only had mass occasionally, and nobody ever bothered to explain to the non-Catholic kids how one acts during mass), but at least Protestants have immortal souls and are potentially capable of willfully participating in Christ's sacrifice through His Church. All people, receiving as they have the gift of Christ's death and resurrection, should, we pray, come eventually to the Lord's table. But animals are beings of an entirely different moral nature, have no eternal soul to attain salvation, and .... this is really just entirely too dry a discussion to properly communicate how shocking, outrageous, and blasphemous this is, or how outraged I am by it. Honestly -- who thought this was a good idea? What was he smoking? (Don't answer that.)

May the saints preserve us.

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