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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Catechuman's Corner

a bi-weekly feature wherein Layla recounts What She Learned in RCIA

Unfortunately, we didn't really get to learn much today. Father wasn't exactly at the top of his game, so we heard lots of rambling and bits of stories, but not a whole lot that followed any sort of order. (As you pray for our priests, as I hope you all do, if you would remember Fr. Joe, we'd appreciate it. He is getting on in years, and his mind isn't quite as clear as it used to be.)

The goal, from what I could tell, was to introduce us to the Catechism. He talked a bit about the Compendium that's just been released (set for release in English sometime before the end of the year, I think).

We then fell into a disjointed discussion of papal infallibility, the finite nature of human understanding, and something I'm not sure what was that sounded like Fr. Joe accusing St. Thomas Aquinas of gnosticism. I'm sure he was trying to make a point that wasn't that, but it just didn't quite get transmitted.

In a preemptive effort to reassure the erstwhile Southern Baptists in our class that Catholics do not worship the Blessed Virgin, Fr. Joe talked about a papal warning (from Paul VI perhaps, but he wasn't sure) that we ought to speak of Mary only things that are rooted in Scripture, lest base superstitions creep in.

In effort to illustrate some point about the nature of Church teaching, Fr. Joe brought up abortion, and some things were said that I don't believe were intended in the same way that they came across (at least, I hope they weren't).

We closed with some comments on the purpose and importance of the Creed.

St. Anne Line, patroness of converts, please pray for us. It's gonna be a long six months...

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Blogger Fred Deaton said...


I keep thinking of the song (from the myrth of my days in the the early 70's) by Derek and the Dominoes (Clapton) when I say your name....

Nothing wrong with that soybean field of learning in Political Science! I was there for 4 years in the 70's. Many a leader in Tennessee law, politics, and government started in the very same Poly-Sci chair. I might advise coosing a solid minor as a fail safe option for grad school. btw, Tennessee State University has a Doctorate (DPA)and a masters in Public Administration (MPA) (if the law school disappears as an option).

I like the blog you two put together. I stumbled on to it from a post to Pattrick Gallagher's blog. Keep up the faith search. it will make you a better christian.

Then the church (St Jude) was in a old house on then highway 22. Now it is in a former Church of Christ behind the college.

Fr. Jim Martell (Our Lady of Sorrows in Memphis) and Fr Joel Schultz (Sacred Heart in Humboldt) did their pre seminary training there at UTM.

btw, my blog is

3:26 PM  
Blogger Layla said...

Mr. Deaton-

I was named after the song. Really and truly-- they were going to name me Amanda, but mom had a friend who gave birth a few months before I was due who used the name, and they heard the song on the radio while talking about what to name me.

I'm a big fan of this soybean field! I grew up in Franklin (just south of Nashville), but my family is from Weakley County. I'm not really looking at going any farther than a B.A., but I am excited about the minor in Paralegal Studies that UTM offers.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. We hope you'll continue to drop in!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Fred Deaton said...

I'm still stuck on the song, and I am still humming it. I'll Now have to by the CD with it!!!! It just like watching the 70's show. The song in the intro is In the Street by the greatest Band ever (and its from Memphis) "The Big Star". Neither the cast or the band Cheap Trick (on the show) did it justice. I remeber those concerts in Memphis (Overton Park Shell) and listening to the song among many in the very early 70's.

We crazy kids in THAT generation, we didn't know when to quit. We name kids after songs. We hum tunes when we hear the name....How did we ever grow up....Oh yeah, we didn't....

It must be a real culture shock moving from Franklin to Martin. Remind me to tell you my Martin stories.

Never stand pat! If a door opens to higher learning, go for it! I was not aware of Paralegal at Martin. I knew Memphis (UofM) has a parlegal BS degree at Jackson State CC (where I work).

I wish you both well. I don't think I was as near mature as you two sound when I was your age, BUT then I came from THAT generation!!!!! We were known not to be times.

Also, please feel free to contribute a reply on my blog as well! It kind of just thoughts as I have them. Being from THAT generation, that is just how we do!!!!!!!

6:25 PM  

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