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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sex-talk Tuesday

In addition to the American Inquisition's excellent treatment of the subject (linked a few posts below), I also heard a great sermon on sex tonight at the Reformed University Fellowship Bible study I attend (yes, that's the Presbyterian Church in America's campus ministry...but we don't have any Catholic student groups, so I sift out what I can from RUF. It's generally really good).

The concluding point of tonight's talk was particularly insightful, so I thought I'd share:

"Imagine that I could get in to the Sistine Chapel with a concealed paintball gun. As everyone is looking up at the beautiful, heart-stirring pictures of God and all the scenes from the Bible, I take out this paintball gun and cover the ceiling in splotches of paint. Pretty much everyone in the world would be outraged that I had marred these beautiful pictures.

"You don't realize it, but you far more substantially mar a far more beautiful picture when you engage in sex outside of marriage--and that's any kind of sex, be it intercourse, oral sex, any other sort of sexual contact, or lust (which Jesus tells us is the same as adultery). Sex, in the context of marriage, is the most beautiful picture we have of the relationship between Christ and His Church. Outside of it, it brings nothing but pain and destruction."

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