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Thursday, October 27, 2005


This is evidence of why stupid people should not be entrusted with good ideas. Why? Because then you get good ideas looking stupid. Granted, "intelligent design" is sort of the poor orphaned cousin of real creationism (of whatever kind), but it's not THAT bad, people. Maybe the ID folks jumped the gun a bit, went running with their philosophy before they really had it rounded out all the way. Then again, that's the problem with philosophies that aren't really seeking to explain truths, but merely repackage other truths so that they say the same thing but look differently. Of course, I think the criticism that ID doesn't hold water comparatively is completely bogus -- look at what it's being compared to: arch-secularist Darwinism. When it gets right down to it, I think that the chances of the world (and the universe) having developed all by accident and all by itself, from nothingness to intelligence, without divine guidance, is about as likely as the world being nothing more than a coconut cream pie made by my aunt Melanie. At the bottom line, the mathematical probability (and the philosophical feasibility) of the two things are just about equal at 900 gazillion to 1. So forget trying to come up with mechanisms for intelligent design, forget court cases and yellow stickers on text books, and let's just say that Aunt Melanie created the world, because it makes just as much sense as what we do now.

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