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Saturday, October 22, 2005

This is [insert naughty word of choice]

"We Are Church, another reform group, said in a statement it regretted the bishops' 'lack of courage' to make any concrete changes [to Church law regarding the celibacy of the priesthood]." (full article)

Pardon me? Of all the sad old tripe, this is way up there. You know when a man who died seventy years ago provides people today with a pre-packaged answer to your whinings that they a) aren't new and b) are almost assuredly garbage. Let's look at this problem with an analogy real quick (I'm a big fan of analogies). Let's say we have a squad leader in combat. One of his men panics and flees for the rear. Then two, then three, four, six, and finally his entire squad is routed. What is the proper, the courageous, action on the part of the squad leader? Does he break at the first sign of a crack within his command, and dash after the first deserter to cower in shelter? Does he idly watch the rest of his men run, and then follow them himself after they have all fled or died? In what universe is that regarded as courage? Yet, that is what groups like this want the Church, our spiritual commanding officer, to do -- rather than being an example of dedication and attempting to protect those under its charge and encourage them to maintain their committment to their objective, they want the Church to turn tail and follow not even the whole squad of Christendom but just those first few cowards in retreat from the Truth. Leadership requires courage -- being a herd of sheep with miters does not.

The Church has endured for 2,000 years, and will endure another 2,000 years if time does, not because it has given into the various fads that convulse humanity, be they gnosticism or hedonism, but precisely because it has not, and does not, do so.

Our Lady, Help of Christians, Oro Pro Nobis

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