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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday on the Links

Well, I had intended to sit down and find something serious to write this evening, but then I called my mother and spent 2 hours hearing about the cat, and my siblings, and how DHL lost dad's box, and how she couldn't manage to get the place settings of our silverware off ebay, and how the relatives of my deceased grandmother's friend seem to have been breaking into her house and stealing her stuff (another long story), and so on and so forth. So, instead of giving you any great and original thoughts, here's a list of other interesting stuff on the net today.

  • My pastor from back home has a blog. I haven't given it a thorough vetting, but Fr. Timby is a very good, very thoughtful (and cassock-wearing!) priest. So I am sure his thoughts will be of an excellent quality, even if he is a Volunteers fan ... we all have our faults.
  • The Cnytr has an interesting, although perhaps not utterly complete (but what ever is?) discussion of appending labels to "Catholic" here.
  • A.M.D.G. has a link to a superb article on Catholic social teaching, which seems to stick it to people like my senior high school religion teacher, who was basically a Fabian.
  • In case you didn't know that today is Trafalgar Day, Cusack will tell you ....
  • I might as well have written this piece over at the American Inquisition -- I couldn't agree more. It should not be so very hard to call a thing what it is.
  • Give me a cotton pickin' break, as we say down home. I knew I didn't like Canada, but I'd been told that Alberta was different . . . whoops. (ht: Mark Shea)
  • This is good. If there is interest, I'll discuss tort issues at a later time, even though they generally fall outside the scope of what I talk about 'round here, but suffice to say that there isn't a good basis under the common law for suing gun makers, but judges and the people who put them on the bench tend to be stupid, so it happens anyways.

That should tide folks over for a while. If you want something more, Holy Whapping has a discussion of the Memorare and good martyr costumes. We'll have something real tomorrow -- promise.

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