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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Well, my network card decided to die over the weekend, so blogging, blog reading, and all other forms of internet-based procrastination, from e-mail to aim to NRO, have come to a halt (I'm in the library right now). I apologize both for the dearth of content and for the lack of daily Delaware, Ohio hits on everybody else's sites. I will be resolving the computer issues as soon as possible.

In other news, we have a Supreme Court nominee, and a spankin' good one from all indications. Good for the president -- we knew he wasn't really as stupid as he was acting before.

In still other news, academic stupidity apparently is not confined to the United States. I'm not even going to ramble about that, it's just too sad and demonstrative of too much stupidity. Surely a country ruled by His Most Catholic Majesty will not march down such a path of destruction.
St. James, patron of Spain, pray for us.

In still other other news, I'll reference the ongoing "disturbances" in France. Compare this story from Fox with this story from the BBC. Notice anything? Oh, just the little fact that the one story points out that the Parisian Muslim community is engaging in its religion's favorite activity, mayhem. The BBC, of course, merely notes that "the area where the violence took place has many immigrants." But, amazingly, it was just a random collection of people who happened to be in the area and had no real connection to one another who decided to set stuff on fire! Gee whiz. (ht: Mark Shea)

Ok, last thing. Senior year, we had a really popular kid at my high school expelled a just a month or so from graduation. We were all really ticked off, because we liked the guy, and he was nice, funny, a decent human being, etc. etc. But he got expelled for doing drugs, a no-no that was in the student handbook in really big letters. However, while I haven't had a chance to look with my internet down, I'm sure that Loretto High School doesn't have a standing policy against testifying to the truth of the magisterium and the necessity to demonstrate that truth in one's everyday life. Nevertheless, they apparently don't like the publicity they have been getting recently, and so they have expelled Katelyn Sills. That's rediculous -- abso-freaking-lutely absurd. I guess people will think twice next time they defend a school's actions. (ht: Curt Jester)

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