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Monday, November 07, 2005

Shocking Commentary, from me

So, by now we've all heard at some length about the country-wide rioting ("race riots"? "religion riots"? "ethnic minority riots"?) taking place in France. Many people have responded with something that is roughly equivolent to "eh, serves 'em right." A few people are shocked. The BBC is taciturn and vague, lest it offend its own potential car-burning minorities. I'm going to go out on a splendidly outlandish limb and make the declaration that I think this is a good thing.

What? scream the people -- "you're even more outlandish than we had imagined!" Perhaps, but allow me to explain. Yes, property being destroyed and (now) people dying are undeniably bad things. But which is worse? A bunch of dinky European cars being reduced to slag, or the continued rot of Western Europe as its population dies off and is first held hostage, and then supplanted, by the uncontrolled influx of Muslim immigrants? I'm going to say, and I think I have both implicit and explicit support on this point throughout the conservative and Catholic blogospheres, that the latter is undeniably the worse event. In fact, it's a truly horrifying prospect. Europe desparately needs to be rescued by itself. It needs to be taken out back and have its head dunked repeatedly into the horse trough, and then have strong coffee and tobasco forced down its throat until it sobers up and realizes that it is doing very, very bad things to itself. It needs to remember the immense worth of its Christian heritage and find a way to make the Church the unifying factor in its future in a way that its current arch-secularism can never be. Things that help it along the road to recovery in this regard are good things. And it's almost inevitable that a reversal in attitudes and culture as significant as the one required to help Europe back to its cultural feet will be painful and involve things getting burned and blown up.

So I hope the riots spread. I hope they get really bad. I hope a whole lot of expensive, important stuff goes up in smoke, and I hope the Mohammeden mob demonstrates a willingness to harm people, although of course I do not wish death or ill on anyone. I hope this ordeal causes political turmoil in France and soul-searching throughout Western Europe. I hope that the situation deteriorates to such an extent, and more firmly becomes associated with the presence of large numbers of unassimilated Mohammeden immigrants, that the governments of Western Europe begin to snap out of their current stupor. I hope this very unfortunate series of events, which show so well the true nature of both Mohammeden hostility to the West and the helplesness of the current European political system, is the start of a reawakening in Europe. I hope the European leaders take long, deep looks at themselves, their nations, their policies, and their souls, and consider who they are really helping. I hope we all remember Lepanto, Vienna, and Las Navas de Tolosa (Christian victories), but also and perhaps more importantly Constantinople, Manzikert, and Nicopolis (Christian defeats).

St. Joan of Arc, defender of France, pray for us
St. James the Moor Slayer, pray for us.

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