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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Status Report

Blogging will probably be light from now through the weekend. There's a paper due tomorrow, and then tomorrow afternoon I'm off to warmer and greener and more Southern places for Thanksgiving break. I'll post next week while I'm at home (and have the over-due next installment in our sacred vessels series), but I'll be spending this weekend with my lovely co-blogger and won't be around the computer much. With raging torture debates at Mark Shea, a "pound the anti-Catholic law student" festival at SA and Confirm Them, and the ordinary goings-on everywhere else, I am sure most of you will be able to survive without my pithy comments for a day or two.

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Blogger Jason said...

Don't forget the Queen Isabel festival at AI :-)

Have fun in the South (I'm terribly jealous, it's horrendously cold here in Merry Olde England).

1:24 PM  

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