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Sunday, December 18, 2005

an odd thing happened ...

So, the parish here is understaffed because they moved one of its priests over the summer and left it with just the pastor. So, every once and a while, especially over holidays, one of the Paulists from the OSU Newman Center comes up and says some masses for Fr. Kavanagh. Except, the fellow today did something I don't think I have ever seen before. He consecrated the host, and then moved on to consecrate the wine. He elevated the chalice while saying the words prior to consecration ("He took the cup, gave it to His disciples and said..." -- I know there's a term for that, I just don't know it), but then when he came to the words of consecration themselves, he set the chalice back down on the altar. I don't know if he did it just to confuse the altar boy with the bells, because he didn't like them, or what (actually, he confused a lot of people by doing the "I'm gonna paraphrase the Ordinary of the Mass to make it sound all cool and different" bit, but that's a different matter). I mean, can you do that, perform the consecration with the chalice sitting on the altar? Veeery curious, it is.

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Blogger Jason said...

Wait, what? I'm confused. He set the chalice down in the middle of the consecration? This is really bizarre, I've never heard of/seen anything like that before.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Yeah, he did -- he picked the chalice up said "later in the meal, when it was almost finished, Jesus took the cup of wine in his hands, gave it to his friends and said, 'take this, all of you and drink...'" *sets down chalice* "...for this is my blood, which shall be given up for you." He just kinda stared at it while he was consecrating it. I was confused -- along with everyone else.

9:54 PM  

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