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Friday, December 16, 2005


I came across this weird fellow by backtracking through my sitemeter on the random hits -- some random guy linked to this random guy, and I was intrigued enough to read. In short, the guy (who for some reason calls himself the "internet monk" but who I am quite sure would have lots of nasty things to say about the errors of monasticism) makes my head hurt. Why? Because he writes an article saying you should read the gospels and then try and figure out what sort of person you would be if you had spent three years "hanging around" Jesus during his ministry. He asks, among other questions, "do you believe you would identify with the Republican or the Democratic parties [if you had done that]?” Well . . . no, because they post date Christ by roughly 1,800 years. But apart from anachronisms, it's rather silly in and of itself -- partly because he's Protestant, and partly because he spends an annoyingly large quantity of time trying to disentangle himself from any potential consequences of the fact that he's saying silly things.

Please, someone, I beg of you, fisk this guy. I still have 5 days of school left and haven't the time to give this a good work-over. So, on your own blogs or in the comment boxes, or somewhere, somehow, go to work. Now. And don't ask why I was looking through my sitemeter if I'm so busy, it's not polite to question other people's procrastination.

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Blogger Jason said...

“…do you believe you would come to the conclusion that the Reformation was the high point of Christian history?”


Sorry, at that point I decided that the article wasn't worth fisking. It's just too stupid.

No reason to bother with tripe like this. He can "nail his thoughts" to the proverbial "door of the world," but that doesn't mean we have to care.

Incidentally, anyone who thinks the Protestant Revolt was the "high point of Christian history" needs to be acquainted with, say, the Thirty Years War.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

I don't know if you looked at some other essays on the site, but I've found much of his writing to be insightful and provocative, and not reflexively Protestant at all. As for the piece you're linking, you're right, it's not so good.

Will you be in Memphis between 4 and 7 January? I'll be passing through for St. Jude stuff. Merry Christmas!

1:12 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Hmmm, it helps, when one is attempting to delete a comment because it links to a blog with dirty pictures, if one actually deletes the link itself . . . remember that, everybody.

1:12 PM  

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