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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More on Cardinals

Ok, so, there's an absolute deluge of information coming in about the newly announced Cardinals, and despite the champagne over at Whispers, it looks to be mostly good news: congregation heads, orthodox archbishops, and a pain in Beijing's ass. All good things. So, since people with seemingly way more time than myself have already typed all this out, I'll just point you to the information.
  • American Papist (sheesh, the last thing this guy needs is another plug) has pictures of the cardinals-elect and some reactions.
  • The Cafeteria is Closed has mini-bios on the cardinals-elect, posted in the whee hours of the morning.

Hopefully that should tide people over for a little while. I'm sure by this time next week we'll have a library full of postulations, wonderings, and complete guesses as to what these appointments mean, don't mean, and will hold for the future. I'm just gonna say that I trust the Pope, and that it looks like he's doing a bang-up job. Keep it up, Holy Father.

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Please check out Cherwell- he's another one on our side

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