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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Catechumen's Corner

A semi-regular feature wherein Layla recounts What She Learned in RCIA
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Today, Fr. Joe told us about what to expect, mostly schedule-wise, in the next few weeks. He explained a little bit about this Wednesday's (communal) penance service, and encouraged the class to come.

He then talked about Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday. After he had gone over those, he gave us a little more detail about what we'll be doing on Holy Saturday. This was nice because I (like most of my class) have never been to an Easter Vigil before.

Father closed with a bit about our knowledge of the Church's teachings. "Do you all know everything you probably should know about what the Church says? No." He explained that virtually no one did know everything they probably should on the subject, but this is ok, because we can look it up. (He said all that to tell us that we're being given copies of the Compendium, if they arrive in time.)

He also talked about why homilies are not sermons: "You can have 37 kinds of heresies in a sermon, but a homily is supposed to be teaching the Truth. I'm not just up there giving you my opinion. Who needs my opinion? I'm supposed to be telling you what the Church says is so, not what I say is so." Would that more priests realized this!

St. Edwin of Northumbria, patron of converts, pray for us.

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Blogger Moneybags said...

The Easter Vigil is my favorite Mass in the Church Year. We enter the dark church in candle light and hear numerous readings of God's saving power through the ages. The transformation from the darkness to the announcement "Christ is Risen" is so profound. The lights are turned instantly on and we celebrate the mystery of God's love in the Resurrection.

The Mass is long and I love seeing the candidates and catechumens. The baptisms and confirmations are quiet beautiful. I was there being received into the Church at the 2004 Easter Vigil. This year will be the fourth Easter Vigil that I've attended.

9:34 PM  

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