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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well, I had a post explaining how it's hard to blog at home with slow computers and how I'm back at school now and hope everyone had a nice break and talking about a few things that happened while I was away, etc. . . . and the computer ate it. Bad Computer! So, I'll put a few words back in here, but it won't ever be the same.
  • St. Patrick's Day was Friday. God save the Irish, and may Divine Providence some day free them completely from the occupation and irritation of the English heretics. Would that the English crown be made to pay for the forced relocation of all Protestants in Ireland back to Britain. It brought them there, it can take them back.
  • Al Kimmel has a great response to a letter from a distraught RCIA candidate. My question is, how on earth did she learn in RCIA that the Church opposes all those things?
  • The Solemnity of St. Joseph . . . has been transferred to tomorrow
  • Your first amendment rights have been violated because Google changed the way your website shows up in searches? Give me a cotton-picking break. First of all, nothing Google does violates any of your Constitutional rights, because Google isn't the government. Why is this so hard to understand? Google can beat you up, take your lunch money, and keep you from talking all day long. None of that causes it to violate any provision of the Constitution, although it may cause it to violate various statutes. In this case, the plaintiffs seem to be filing suit under the I'm Whiny and Foolishly Rely Upon a Completely Independent Third Party for My Business's Prosperity Act of 1969.

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