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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Uhm, I apologize for pulling somewhat of a Cnytr and just up and vanishing like that. I had exams, papers, and turmoil at school, followed by the move back home. Home is just as stressful as school, but in different ways, and there is something about a house full of small children that just doesn't spark witty theological insight, or even simple pious meditation. Hopefully we can be back to having some content now.

Remember, if you're planning weekend activities, you need to make room for a few hours to go see Over the Hedge and help Dreamworks stick it to Dan Brown (the reports seeping out, by the way, is that DVC is catastrophically bad -- this may be the first time I've ever rooted against a movie).


Blogger Chad said...

You guys are tempting me to go see it. I've resisted so far, because I will probably either be fuming or laughing hysterically (or both) through the whole thing.

Physically threatened at a movie theater? Wow.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Chad said...

This comment should be in the post on the DVC movie above... dunno how I did that...

2:51 PM  

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