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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The problem

with Rad-Trads is that they have a disturbing tendency take a real problem (in this case, the sad, sad state of the modern university and the disastrous demise of femininity) and draw from it a dizzying array of unrelated and largely inane conclusions that are so outrageous that they effectively destroy whatever good might have been gained by their original observation of the problem itself.

Exercises such as this one are primarily acts of violence against the syllogism. The conclusion, "Women should not be educated" simply does not follow from the precept "women have a specific nature, with which they are endowed by God and that our society does not value." Nor is the conclusion that women were created solely for procreative means hold water: Adam does not say "here is a creature by whom I may populate the earth"; he says "here is a help like unto myself." The idea that marriage and the proper relation between the sexes lacks an intellectual component runs contrary to the practices of the Church as demonstrated by the lives of the saints -- see especially St. Thomas More, who insisted upon the education of his wives and daughters, not that they might wield masculine authority, but that he might not be bored to death in their company. A wife who lacks the capability to engage her husband in stimulating conversation will find herself, by necessity, neglected.

Our society's views on women, education, and the way in which the former is to be given the latter are extraordinarily distorted. But to deny categorically the appropriateness of higher education to all women as a matter of natural law goes too far.

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Blogger Bekah said...

Oh, my!

If our Lord did not wish women educated, he would not have gifted us with intellects that yearn for it. It is poor stewardship to neglect any of the gifts God has given us.

That is not to say that I feel anyone MUST attend university. There are myriad ways of educating oneself. But if a person desires a university education, then by all means go get one. Prudence should be used that the chosen university will not jeopardize one's faith.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Who are these people who say women shouldn't be educated?!?!

Ok - I have to admit - I do know one! When he puts forward his opinion, I feel like I am conversing with a hostile alien creature - yet, he is in fact a man. He tends to like to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

7:09 AM  

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