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Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas? What's that?

The story about the Wisconsin school changing "Silent Night" to "Cold Winter Night" has made the St. Blog's rounds today. And of course every year we have this fight: the people who are in charge of things in this country hate Christians. They especially hate Catholics, not least because we're especially easy to hate (and we worship statues and Mary and the Pope, of course, and that doesn't help) -- it's hard to slander congregationalists en masse. And the best time for people to demonstrate this is at Christmas, when they come out and tell our children stupid things in their public school classrooms. Now, I can't do anything about Target banning the Salvation Army or anything like that, but I've got a nice remedy to keep an NEA ninny from corrupting your children:


Not only will it keep them out of the NEA's clutches, but they'll probably get a better education. You want to promote educational equality in this nation? Don't join Teach for America. Support parochial schools. After all, nobody learns properly wearing jeans and tennis shoes.
What? Your local parochial school IS run by ninnies? What are we supposed to do about that? Well, I admit that's a different problem, but I have a rosary here, we can try that.
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Blogger Marcus Scotus said...

The "ninny" problem is why there are so many homeschoolers nowadays. Catholic schools used to be great when nuns ran them. Lay teachers just typically don't have the formation that a nun has.

8:36 AM  

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