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Sunday, December 18, 2005


I got home for the break yesterday and have finally gotten all my stuff unpacked. It is terrible to have to move in and out of one's own house like this. College is highly overrated.

Part of the joy of being home is, of course, going to CPC with the family. Quite a bit of unintentionally funny stuff happened, as usual, including the preacher beginning his sermon with the admission, "I believe in heresy." I may or may not have had literally to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud. He meant it to say he believes heresies exist, and he went on to give a not entirely bad lecture on a few heretical teachings about the Nature of Jesus (using various Church councils to rebut the heresies, of course. How they think they can appeal to and reject the Church all at once blows my mind).

They also sang "Angels We Have Heard On High." It always makes me shake my head how little attention folks pay to what they're singing. I ran into this a lot at RUF last semester, because they really like to sing "The Church's One Foundation." That song (lyrics and midi here) mentions several things that run completely contrary to PCA teachings. Hearing 2,000 or so Presbyterians asking the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph to join them in prayer ("Mary, Joseph, lend your aid/While our hearts in love we raise") was pretty comical. I was once told by a Presbyterian minister (who I'd rather uncharitably challenged with "Does your Bible have Luke 1?" in an argument about Marian devotion) that Our Lady and the Saints are "dead and can't hear us." Guess the music minister didn't get the memo when he decided to sing that verse.

After CPC, I went to mass in Franklin. I won't be going back to this parish. I can stomach only so much praise and worship music, and the $8.00/stem wine glasses from Wal-Mart that they used for chalices put me over the edge.

This evening I watched part I of "Path of the Messiah" on EWTN. That was very, very nice. I even got my grandmother to watch it, too. (We got into a mini-argument about the Real Presence, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.)

Blessed 4th week of Advent, everybody!

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