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Monday, December 19, 2005

Well, Merry Christmas to you too

Our university publishes a weekly rag that purports to be a "newspaper." The Transcript consists primarily of journalism majors advertising their lack of language skills via discussions of entirely acerebral topics. Because actually writing a column articulating ideas is entirely too much to ask of such people, they run a box of pithy "cheers and jeers," in which the editorial staff expresses, in one or two sentences, its support and disdain for a variety of things.

One of todays "cheers" ran thus (punction errors in original):

The so-called 'War on Christmas"
This belief that using "Happy Holidays" is ruining society makes the people who say that look like idiots. Perhaps people say that because they know people who don't celebrate Christmas. Ever think of that?
Perhaps people who can't use demonstrative adjectives write for the Transcript . . .

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