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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some people don't know they're irrelevant

Ok, so by this point we should all be used to various EU "experts" saying a variety of stupid things. A few years back they started small, doing things like objecting to US business mergers. Then there was the "doctors have to perform abortions" bit. Now there's this. For people who rant and rave and froth so much about the separation of Church and state, they aren't doing a very good job of staying disentangled. But that's not my point.

My main question is: who cares? The EU doesn't really exist. Oh, sure, there are the economic treaties, and there are those duffles in Belgium who produce important-looking documents that have to be translated into half the world's living languages, but those are just part of the infrastructure that was erected to support the EU behemoth itself. But what nobody seems to be remembering is that the EU constitution, the legal instrument that gives the biggest experiment in supranational stupidity since Nazism its very existence, has failed. The EU is an organization with money, rules, employees, but that just so happens not really to exist. So if the British, or the Poles, or the Luxembourgians don't like something, who or what exactly is going to make them comply with the stuffed shirts in Brussels? The rule of law? But the EU has no laws -- its power was tied up in a now defunct constitution.

So, while the fact that people of such rank stupidity have a venue in which to express their ideas, and are therefore taken with a degree of seriousness, should cause some concern among civilized peoples, I say "so what?" The EU's inanity doesn't matter, because the EU doesn't matter. They haven't even got an army to make others do their will. If you ignore them long enough, they'll get tired of spluttering and go home. I say we start doing that, now.

(ht Cacoethes Scribendi)

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Anonymous √©ric said...

I agree, but structures have their own system of living...

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