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Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome back

First off, I'd like to wish everyone a happy St. Berard Day. No offense intended to anyone, but I have serious qualms about celebrating a holiday in honor of any man named "Martin Luther."

Michael Novak has issues with someone who reviewed his book. Never diss the book of someone who is both smarter and more widely read than you are.

May the saints preserve us: a Pope Innocent III action figure. "Comes with removable fancy Pope hat" and a Latin scroll (although I am not entirely sure what "hobemstaufenin" is supposed to mean in Latin) (ht: Cacoethes Scribendi)

I am not an expert on humor of any kind. Most people know this, especially after talking to me. That said, I am sure there is something about Mark Shea's Old McDonald Had a Farm allusion in a post linking to a story about Lourdes that is humorous . . . or that at least makes sense. Oh well. Maybe someday I will understand.

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Blogger Jason said...

Oh! I have one of those action figures, it's great.

And his scroll translates to: "The sons of the Hohenstaufens can kiss my ass (literally: donkey)."

6:47 PM  

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