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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hold on tight

Cause we're in a for a ride. The South Dakota legislature is getting ready to call Burger's bluff on Roe v. Wade. Are we ready? Is it finally time? We've waited 33 years, but it's hard to say, looking at the Court, whether we'll end up praising or cursing South Dakota if they can take this all the way to the top. I wonder what it would take to arranged a discreet meeting between Anthony Kennedy and Pope Benedict, in which His Holiness could talk about fishing, and good books, and one's moral obligation to the preservation of the natural law. Or, barring that, maybe Der Tommissar knows someone with a shiny suit back in Philly who could generate the same approximate outcome.

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Blogger Der Tommissar said...

All the folks I know got wiped out in that big NY-Philly war back in the 80's.

You know, Phil "Chicken Man" Testa. The Gambini's, et al.

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