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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


We here at IVA didn't get picked as Catholic Blog Award finalists, probably because a) I spent the period around nominations posting really long boring stuff about Purgatory, b) I don't break new and important stories because I live in a hole, and c) folks like this guy decided to start up really sweet blogs during the past year. Oh well. I'll avail myself of the opportunity to make some suggestions, both in voting and in blog-visitation in general.
  • It's always really sweet to see blogs from folks back home. That aside, it looks like a good one to boot.
  • Ignatius Press has a blog. How cool is that? They're up for several categories in the CBAs
  • To Jesus Through Mary gets a plug for linking to this, but I can't endorse him for the Best New Blog award because Advenio Iesum Per Mariam sounds so much cooler. Folks should vote for our dear friend Moneybags over at A Catholic Life instead.

I think that's about it for the moment. Some of the categories are easier to vote for than others, and several of them pit my favorites (eh, Whapping, The Donegal Express, and Southern Appeal) against each other. We'll see where God's judgment falls.

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