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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Take Note

St. Blog's favorite mollecular biologist, Chad, of Cacoethes Scribendi fame, has decided to strike out on his own. Normally you don't find me selling scientists, since the level at which science and I stop understanding one another is, with the exception of some biology, rather low (stop understanding in a "what in tarnation are you talking about" sense, not an ID vs. Evolution flamewar sense, although some scientists invite that kind of stuff -- cf, ice floes and Jesus).

But we need people like Chad to write about this stuff, because there are a lot of important things happening in the world of science, and most of us can't tell a hydrogenase from golgi body. And besides, Chad's a good writer and he links here. So go read On the Silent Planet (at least, go read it next week when he comes back from his Lenten hiatus).

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Blogger Chad said...

Thanks for the link, Paul.

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