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Monday, November 27, 2006

What? A post? Inconceivable!

So, it's been a month of Sundays since we've put anything of any substance up here. Summer was not conducive to blogging, and I got too wrapped up in stuff after coming back to take time for it. I figured "hey, pretty much nobody reads this anyways. What's the point?" Well, I realized the point the other day.

The point of keeping this blog was never to be some indispensable source of information. I just don't know enough, nor do I have the juicy sources of secret knowledge to do that. The point was to have something pushing me to think about the faith daily, and to synthesize that in some format that had to meet the minimum standard of being publicly presentable. Sure, maybe it's a little lame to need some sort of impetus to keep plugged in to God -- but don't we all need that impetus in some form or another? I'm rather a bookish person; I need to spend time thinking seriously about things in order for them to stay part of my mental agenda and outlook. It's just the way I am.

I came to college and found that I didn't particularly care for the "real" world here. I could have thrown my hands in the air and become a statistic -- instead, I decided to make it clear that I wasn't like my average peers by tapping into those aspects of my personality that are not welcome on campus: I'm Catholic, conservative, and Southern. Now my father accuses me (half seriously) of being a quasi-Lefebvrist (not true), and I hold political convictions that would scare small children. But none of that really means anything if I can't manifest my faith in a meaningful way my personal life. For some reason, at this point in my life, this blog helped me do that, even if only in my private mental organization. It's obviously not a long-term fix; graduation, marriage, and the like will alter life a lot. But I liked keeping this blog, and I found it beneficial compared to the past semester of not doing anything with it.

In short, you'll start to see things here again.



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