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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Bishop

I neglected to remind people of this on the run up to it, but David Choby was ordained and installed as the 11th Bishop of Nashville yesterday. (Talk about squeezing festivities in under the wire.) His Grace is a Nashville native, and after being ordained a priest in 1974, has served in a number of Nashville parishes, as well as a faculty member of the Josephinum Pontifical Seminary here in central Ohio. He had administered Nashville as Diocesan Vicar since the transfer of Bishop Kmiec to Buffalo nearly two years ago.

Bishop Choby was ordained by Archbishop Thomas Kelly of Louisville. Bishop Kmiec served as co-consecrator. This is fitting, since it represents the apostolic succession that created the Nashville diocese -- it was erected out of Louisville territory.

Here's information on the Diocese of Nashville.
The Diocese of Nashville has information on the ordination and the Bishop's Lenten message here.
The Tennessean has an article. (Note on the Tennessean article: whoever is in charge of picture captions is a moron. Hmmm, I wonder what "Catholic fraternal organization" that guy with the feathered hat belongs to? And "Communion is observed"? In the sense that they're looking at the Blessed Sacrament, well yes . . .)

St. Joseph, protector of the Holy Family and of Nashville, pray for us
Our Lady of Guadalope, patron of the Americas, pray for us
St. David, pray for us

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