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Friday, February 17, 2006

A few thoughts

If you've caught our blog at the right time in the past couple of days, you might have seen a comment from a young Canadian lady who has multiple sclerosis. I deleted her comments because they were off-topic and not amusing enough to keep around. Since she's so keen on reposting them, and she's turned off comments on her own blog (which is her right), I'll address a few things quickly here and hope to be done with it.

If you post something in a public forum (like, say, the internet) you shouldn't be shocked when someone offers his opinion on it.

It is up to the proprietor of any website whether or not to leave up something another person has left there. One is under no obligation to allow any comments at all, and one may choose to exercise editorial discretion at any time.

One's struggling with an incurable disease does not entitle one to kid-glove treatment regarding one's political or social views. You have MS. That sucks, and I wish it were otherwise. While I am by no reasonable standards a "religious fanatic," I will commit to pray for you. But your having MS does not mean I cannot disagree with your social commentary. Could Paul have chosen his words better? Yes. However, nothing he said had anything to do with your physical condition (or your race, sex, age, educational background, family history, or anything else besides your rather silly characterization of all people hailing from Oregon).

So, lifewithms, if you wish to discuss this further, you may email us. Comments you leave on any post other than this one will (continue to) be deleted, unless they entertain me. The end.

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